Monday, April 9, 2012

Review of Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

By Lauren Oliver
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Book two of the Delirium series introduces a girl who is no longer naive; Lena is tough, resilient, and stoic in the face of what she has lost. And yet Lena is slightly-broken—never having dreamed she would face her idealistic "Wilds" without Alex—the boy who infected her with the delirium. In alternating chapters entitled "Now," and "Then," the reader experiences Lena’s growth from a newly-born Invalid mourning her lost love and struggling to recover and thrive in the Wilds to a full-on member of the Resistance. Charged with her mission, to shadow the youth leader of the "Delirium Free America" organization, she moves to Manhattan and assumes a false identity. Will she survive the experience? The more fully engrained she becomes in her new life, the more she begins to wonder if the Resistance isn’t much different from the world she left. Will she be forced to evaluate her own moral code? Is it ever acceptable to sacrifice the needs of the individual in order to prosper and protect the whole? With action that builds momentum and urgency in each page, the reader is compelled to see if Lena will complete the mission she has been given by the Resistance, if she will abandon her new Invalid family, and if she will ever recover from the loss of Alex and find love again. Readers engrossed in will be equally pleased with book two and applaud the bittersweet irony of the Oliver’s clever ending. Book three, Requiem, cannot arrive soon enough!

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