Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Review of What a Boy Wants by Nyrae Dawn

Kindle Edition
What a Boy Wants
by Nyrae Dawn
3+ Scribbles

"…girls didn’t realize the power they held. That they were really the ones pulling the strings." --Sebastion

Sebastion is a self-proclaimed "Hook-Up Doctor" who has the inside 411 for girls on how to land a guy who seems to have no interest (which Sebastion will offer up for a nominal fee). All of his clients are online; it’s the perfect way to save up some cash for a car. What Sebastion doesn’t realize is that giving away hook-up information is like telling a fisherman what bait to use and where to fish when you are a bass. He doesn’t realize that he might just be the target for one of his clients.

A strength and a weakness in the novel is the voice of Sebastion the womanizer, and main character. His narration is a strength because the dialogue/slang he uses is colorful, a bit profane, and very reflective of the way many teens speak. However, when this book is released in print (it is currently only available on Amazon Ebook), and I have no doubt it will be picked up for print, it may become dated after a number of years. The main conflict, Sebastion’s desire for and fear of a relationship with his lifelong friend, Aspen, will be valid no matter the decade or era. Who isn’t a bit unsure and afraid when they fall in love? Girls (and guys for that matter) should read this book. The peek into the male psyche and way of thinking is very insightful. So many young women don’t realize that they have power over boys—if they realized this they might be more apt to make strong choices in the relationship instead of being unduly influenced or pressured into commitments they aren’t willing to make. And for both guys and girls, the message is clear—games are the worst way for a happy dating situation. Games suck! So guys, read this book and see if it really explains what a guy wants, and girls, read this book and pull those strings!

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