Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Review of Hollowed by Kelley York

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Hollowed (Half Light Book 1)
By Kelley York
4 Scribbles
Since her sister Ruby disappeared, Briar Greyson has had a hollow place inside, but when she moves away from home and into the city to find a way to fill that emptiness, she never imagines that she will suffer the same fate as her sister—death. Or will she? When the virus that infects her begins to turn Briar, she discovers that the world is populated by all sorts of murderous monsters, and she must choose if she will become one of them.

Despite this story’s paranormal slant, Briar’s righteously angry voice keeps this mystery grounded in reality. At first an innocent and trusting character, Briar quickly changes into a sassy protagonist bent on finding who killed her sister and her best friend. And kudos to the reader who can figure it out before she does. Little does Briar know that the mystery surrounding this individual’s identity will lead her to form a new group of companions—companions she isn’t entirely certain she can trust—and for good reason. Briar’s “entire foundation has been yanked out from under” her in the space of one night, even those she thought she could trust seem changed. The development of Briar from lovesick waitress to cocky street fighter is one of the strengths of the story, although readers will love the mounting tension that builds continuously throughout.  Fans of Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead will love Briar, and enjoy the mystery and action that weaves throughout the story, while fans of  works like Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia will enjoy the development of secondary characters like Oliver, Daniel, Noah and Cole. Here’s hoping we see more of these secondary characters in future installments of the series—even the brief snippets revealed from the pasts of these characters serve as appetizers to what promises to be a yummy new series!

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