Friday, March 8, 2013

Review of Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

Feiwel & Friends
Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles #2)
y Marissa Meyer
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Book two of the Lunar Chronicles kicks off by introducing a few new characters to Cinder’s world. Feisty, outspoken and self-sufficient, red-head Scarlet is determined to find her missing grandmother, a skilled ex-military pilot who disappeared from their small farm in France only weeks before. And when a gruff street fighter named Wolf shows up in their little town, Scarlet suspects he might have the answer to her grandmother’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Cinder is faced with escaping the prison where she awaits her execution; and she may find an unlikely ally in the rogue “Captain” Thorne—a fellow prisoner. Yet, despite being a wanted criminal, Cinder still mistrusts Queen Levana, and hopes against all odds that she can save Prince Kai and the Earth from Levana’s evil intentions. How will the fates of these four intertwine?

What I admire and enjoy most about this phenomenal series is the author’s ability to take a fairy tale and not just retell, or “fracture” it, but take the shell of the classical tale and weave a whole new story for modern readers. The chapters in both installments have cliffhanger endings, near misses, tantalizing hints about the future (and past), and mystery upon mystery. Quite simply, the story is brilliant and promises to be a staple in YA literature for years to come. The writing is riveting, family-friendly and wholesome, and will no doubt be made into a motion picture. There is talk that the series has already been optioned for a movie. I was equally impressed that book two is as wonderful as book one—sometimes that isn’t the case in a series—but no worries, I could not put this novel down! I adored the sassiness of Scarlet, and even grooved on her unlikely relationship with Wolf—sort of Little Red Riding Hood turned on its head thing. Captain Thorne is a welcome comic element and Cinder’s precious robo-companion Iko comes back! Yahoo! Let’s face it—who doesn’t love to hate Queen Levana, so of course she has to bring her bad self back to Earth for a nasty little tête-à-tête with Prince Kai. The only weakness I can see in this installment (and not much of one to tell the truth) is that I missed Prince Kai; while he makes a cameo or two, he doesn’t factor much in the action of the story. Here’s hoping he appears a bit more in book three.  I wouldn’t be doing the series justice without mentioning the varied settings either. I like that we’ve been to China (I think) and now France, and with the appearance of Captian Thorne, who knows, readers may find themselves visiting the United States?  But anxious fans will have to wait awhile, because book three, Cress, is said to be set in the Sahara Desert, and won’t be out until 2014. Readers of the world, let’s unite, and see if we can’t get Meyer to write faster!

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