Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Review of Hushed by Kelley York

Entangled Publishing, LLC
by Kelley York
5 Scribbles
From gripping page one, Asher, the wounded protagonist, risks his very soul to make up for not protecting his best friend Vivian when she was raped as a child. The guilt he carries for this failure has made Archer Vivian’s protector, her avenger, her confidant, and becomes the very reason for his co-dependency on the now narcissistic Vivian. He longs for her approval, her affections, her reciprocity, and he allows her to manipulate him time and time again. That is until Archer realizes that he is in love, but not with Vivian, with a new guy on campus, Evan. Evan is kind, giving, selfless, indulgent; Evan is all the things that Vivian is not. Despite all of his failures, could Archer have a happy life with Evan? The tone of the novel is dark and thick which permeates every scene and adds to the tension. York expertly weaves in morality questions that surprisingly, but refreshingly, often go unresolved. Readers will relate to Asher’s rage and frustration towards Vivian, while others may see themselves reflected in her character. What adds to the credibility of the novel is the ironic dénouement—leaving the reader to wonder have the tables simply turned? Clearly, York is an expert in psychology and the human condition.

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