Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Review of the Lost Saint by Bree Despain

The Lost Saint
by Bree Despain

4 Scribbles
Grace is enjoying her new-found relationship with Daniel, free of the suspicions and fears of book one, that is, until Daniel decides to stop training Grace in the use of her “wolf” skills—skills that make her neither Hound of Heaven nor entirely human. Confused about how to handle her evolving powers, Grace seeks out the guidance of another, and meets a mysterious, powerful boy named Talbot. As Talbot begins to train her, it becomes apparent that there is most assuredly a strong attraction between the two, and as their bond grows stronger in the continued search for Grace’s brother Jude, the reader is left to wonder, will Daniel and Grace ever be able to repair their relationship? And will they ever find the lost Jude? While it lacks the heat of Meyer’s Twilight, and the creativity of other “wolf” novels like recently released Nightshade by Andrea Cremer, it’s a solid, entertaining story.  If you like paranormal fiction, then pick it up! The reader won’t be disappointed with the riveting, (yet tastefully done) love triangle, the minor twists at the end, and the refreshing fact that Grace is from a more traditional family. A special nod goes to Despain’s exploration of female friendships. Grace suffers the cold shoulder of the entire student body following book one, including her former best friend April. Just like many young women today, Grace and April attempt to come to terms with betrayal and to trust one another again in book two; it’s hard not to feel the angst that comes along with that process, especially if you are a female reader.

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