Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Review of New Girl by Paige Harbison

Harlequin Teen
New Girl
By Paige Harbison
Release Date--January 31, 2012
3 Scribbles
Senior Callie has no idea why everyone keeps comparing her to Becca, the girl who mysteriously went missing last year, and whose place Callie has taken at Manderley boarding school. Callie is trying desperately to fit it and enjoy her new school so she doesn’t disappoint her parents, but what she finds are whispers in every corner, advice to stay away from the only guy she’s attracted to, and a roommate who loathes the sight of her. As the year passes she realizes that she must ignore the judgment of others and take hold of what she wants before it is too late. Teen readers will have no trouble identifying the characters in this novel with people in their own circle of friends. The novel is told in alternating voices; first through the eyes of self-centered, devious, conniving, and promiscuous Becca who uses her sexuality to blackmail everyone around her; and then through Callie, who is loyal, laid back, and steadfast. Harbison does well recreating the culture of drama existing in some schools and in many teen circles, and at revealing how easy it is for some individuals to become addicted to the cycle of drama, gossip and spite. Wild, alcohol-laden parties contribute to the feeling of and danger and recklessness at Manderley, and the dark, cold, and dreary setting all add to its mystery. With a realistic and satisfying conclusion, fans of "chick lit" will not be disappointed.

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