Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Review of A Tinfoil Sky by Cyndi Sand-Eveland

Tundra Books
A Tinfoil Sky
By Cyndi Sand-Eveland
3 Scribbles
Release Date January 10, 2012
Twelve-year-old Mel cannot believe her good fortune when her mom, Cecily, decides to leave her jerk boyfriend and return "home" to Mel’s grandmother. Mel and Cecily have moved eleven times during the past four years, and Mel is absolutely thrilled about the chance to meet the grandmother she cannot remember. She dreams of a bedroom all her own, the same school all year long, friends, and a much-coveted library card. What she never dreams will happen is that her grandmother will turn them away, her mother will go missing, and her future will never be the same. The author weaves a tale reminiscent of Leslie Connor’s award-winning Waiting for Normal; and although not as powerful as that tale, the novel boasts realistic, flawed characters who are neither wholly bad nor wholly good. For instance, on the surface, Cecily is an admirable mother who showers Mel with affection and shares everything with Mel—her dreams, her singing talent, her hopes for the future—but all of this at the expense of stability. Additionally, it is easy to be angry with Mel’s grandmother, Gladys, because of her callous attitude, but at the same time see that the all-too-human Gladys fears being hurt once again. Best of all, the story is refreshingly honest, with a realistic ending readers will appreciate. Mel truly matures and outgrows her mother, realizing that sometimes the right choice for a hopeful future requires painful sacrifice.

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