Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Review of Timekeeper (Book 2, Timeless) by Alexandra Monir

Delacorte Books 

Timekeeper (Book 2, Timeless)
Alexandra Monir
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Michele barely has time to register that the new guy at school looks exactly like Phillip Walker, her beloved Gilded Age boy, when a ghostly woman in black appears. Worse, it seems the menacing woman is stalking her. Phillip promised he would find a way back to Michele so that they could be together; why does he avoid her now?  And does this dark, sharp-eyed woman have something to do with that? Using her father’s time-traveling key and diary Michele must discover the reason for the woman’s increasing presence—otherwise, Michele’s time to be with Phillip may run out all over again.
The intense relationship between Michele and Phillip introduced in book one is somewhat overshadowed (no pun intended) in book two by the appearance of the mysterious woman in black. But readers will find this a good thing because her appearance in the series adds a welcome tension and yummy spook factor; this, combined with time-crossed romance between Michelle and Phillip, makes for a conflict-filled and engaging read. As in book one, the time travel is very well written; the plot leaps between the decades from 1885 to the year 2010 seamlessly—the reader never gets confused about what period they are in even though they may jump a century within a few pages. New York City is so well described in the Gilded Age and the World War II era that I spent time online looking at old photos of NYC. When a book pulls me in that far, well….let’s say I’m hooked. I do have a little issue with how quickly Michele seems to accept her father, how quickly Michele connects with people overall really, and the loose ends in the novel are a bit too conveniently wrapped up in my opinion, but the readers who enjoyed book one, and those who love time travel sagas, are going to enjoy this installment.

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