Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Review of Timeless by Alexander Monir

Random House
Children's Books
Timeless (Book 1)
Alexandra Monir
3 Scribbles

Michele Windsor is just like every other teen aged girl—that is until tragedy strikes. Now her world is turned topsy-turvy; she has been transplanted from California to a posh mansion in NYC, is heir to the throne of the great Windsor legacy (and millions), and is meeting her grandparents for the first time.  And it doesn’t take Michele long to realize that her grandparents are keeping something secret from her; she’s determined to discover what that secret may be. Little does she know that her snooping will uncover a century-old diary, a key, and the ability to travel back in time—where the love of her life awaits.

Writing novels in the first person present tense seems to be a trend, so it was a bit jarring at first to read a novel told in the third person.  However, after a brief period of adjustment, I began to sink into the story line, and I found that the narration works. Happily, this is anything but a rags-to-riches tale. Not only does Michele not care about her newly inherited fortunes (refreshing), she is mainly focused on connecting with another human being. I liked this aspect of her character very much, even if I found her sudden romance with Phillip Walker, the young gentleman from the turn of the century Gilded Age, rather quick to develop. But perhaps there are souls that recognize one another and are inherently matched? I suppose that love at first sight is less difficult to swallow than the possibility of time travel, yes? At any rate, while I appreciated that Phillip and Michele were meant to be together, what I really liked about the story was the time travel. It’s phenomenal how Monir manages to keep all the back-and-forth events in order without missing a beat, and I adored learning more about New York City, and the events and culture of the United States during that period through Michele’s modern eyes. The novel was fun, and I am glad that book two, Timekeeper, is being released today!

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